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David has practiced photography as an avocation since 1971, and has focused mainly on his interests in the natural world. As he now moves through early "retirement" he explores increasingly diverse subjects.


DSC-0949-0558 15-37-50 Amaryllis Dehiscience.jpg

Amaryllis Anther Dehiscence

During the course of a day, Amaryllis buds slowly open, revealing the the female Pistil organ and the male Stamens, which consists of long filaments, each ending with a banana shaped Anther. As the Amaryllis flower opens, moist air inside the blossom is replaced with drier air. Various cells in each anther's skin dehydrate at different rates, causing forces which split the anther open along a line of weakness, revealing yellow pollen grains. The splitting open of anthers is termed botanical dehiscence; in the case of the Amaryllis it is described as longitudinal introrse dehiscence, since the anthers split along a line which runs the length of the anther, and the pollen is revealed from the inside of the anther.

Soft backlight reveals lovely forms and structures of the Amaryllis' petals. Focus-stacking software makes possible a particularly deep depth of field (sharpness).